The new world…

Today I was introduced to a completely new world, it was like leaping into a parallel universe – it was so rad and so different and I LOVED IT! I’m now hooked on…riding a bike! My amazing friend Drew gave me a ride of a lifetime during lunch hour today and boy it was hard to get back to normal life after that.

Do I look happy or what? 🙂

Drew took this pic right before we took off. First we went down 9th and the on to Barlow and 16th because I asked him to ride where we could pick up some speed. Did I know what I was asking for? No! 🙂 We picked up some wicked speed all right!:)) After a few rounds on exits to the 16th where Drew was entering the turns at an unreal speed we hit Deerfoot and before I knew it we were doing 210 km/hour! You know the feeling when you travel through time, well….if people were able to do that that how it would feel like! Totally unbelievable! It’s like the air parts and you FLY! And see the cars left behind… What a fantastic feeling!

I just wanted to thank Drew for being a wonderful friend and taking me on this awesome ride on his beautiful Kawasaki. Just so you know, I’d do it again in a heartbeat! hehe :)) Thanks!!!

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