Today we took a long walk in the Nose Creek Park, Tim took his bike (he loves it so much I’m surprised he doesn’t take it into his bed!) and we also had our kite for more fun! We had to stop to fill up gas at the nearest Superstore gas stations and saw this cool old car (thankfully I had my camera with 70-200L 2.8 IS snapped on it and could grab these photos!) I mean seriously how awesome is it? Anyone can tell me what kind of car is it? The guy in the orange T-shirt is the car owner and he was flattered I was snapping the pics like crazy but I failed to ask him what car it was…doh!

cool car
View from behind. Beauty!
cool car

When we got to the park we decided to take another path. As we were walking/riding a bike we saw these 2 guys soaaring over us and shrieking. At first I thought they had a nest over there but it turned out they were just ripping apart a mouse and were afraid we’d take it away from them. I wasn’t that hungry, really…hehe..:)))

This is what my life is like now…up the hill and winding.:)

Gorgeous sky!

My boy: :))) Love the excitement in the first one!

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