So I’ve been thinking about starting a weekly blog post lately. The problem is I wasn’t not quite sure what it should be about – me personally or me as a photographer. And then I thought why not do both? duh! I’ve got my camera practically glued to my hand anyways so might as well use that. :):) Also, over the past couple of years of having this blog I have realized I’m not too good with words (to tell you the whole truth I completely suck at expressing my thoughts on paper – I mean the blog posts sound so much better in my head than when I actually post it! Any tips btw?? 🙂  I greatly admire photographers who not only post awesome photos but make their blogs interesting to read, too. Did I tell you I love reading?? 🙂

I found this little clip from my fave movie UP ’cause somethimes I feel like this:

Can you say a slight case of ADD? :):) Where was I? Oh yeah, blogging! So I would really appreciate any input from you guys as to what you would like to read from me – photo wise (before and after’s in post-processing, photo tips to the best of my knowledge of course! :), etc) or anything more personal. Who will go first? 🙂

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