Calgary Wedding Photographer: My Little Brother Is Getting Married

My little brother is getting married. He’s not little of course :), he’s 27 now. My mom and I only met his adorable fiancee Masha through Skype (thanks goodness!!! for Skype) and my mom is going back home for their wedding. I wish I could go!!! It breaks my heart that I won’t be there for them. Boo..:((( Have any of you missed your sibling’s wedding? How did you handle it? I’m just so sad I can’t be there…

After yesterday’s post I was thinking about something I could tell my wonderful readers about myself. The timing couldn’t be better as I just got this photo from my Dad. He took it with his cell phone a couple of days ago. I was so surprised to see all the green trees and grass! So jealous of the great weather they have been having! :)) It’s the image of the river Chibjyu, very close to my house. The school I went to (well one of the schools) was on the other side of the river (picture right) and I remember in winter we would not go to the bridge (which was like 50ft away :)) but run across the river on ice back home. Did you know that in Russia you go to the same school from Grade 1 to Grade 11 (yep you read it right, 11!:)? The building simply has several wings for elementary, middle school and high school kids.

So here’s the glimpse of my Russia:

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  1. Svetlana, I didn't get to see my son getting married. But because I wasn't willing to hand over gobs of money I wasn't invited either.

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