Bass Pro Shop – lost and found

A couple of days ago Tim and I made a trip to the Bass Pro Shop that recently opened in Balzac, AB. What an awesome store! Since I don’t really care for hunting/fishing (I love hiking though! :)) I was simply admiring the decor. Wow! They’ve got so many cool things! Somebody put so much thought into decorating the whole place, it’s amazing!

The funniest thing happened there, too. Somewhere in between sitting in different boats Tim lost his Fischer Price camera. Poor guy was devastated, he loved taking photos with it. We tried looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere…So I left our names and phone number at the customer service just in case they come across it. And guess what? They phoned us the next day!! Isn’t it great? Tim was so excited when we went to pick it up.

A couple of photos from the Bass Pro Shop:



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