The Trip To Three Sisters

Yesterday Alex, Tim and I decided to go west, packed our stuff and drove about 120km to hike in Three Sisters. It was fantastic!!! The weather was a bit breezy in the shadow but hot in the sun, we loved it! I love the Rockies! It’s so awesome that they’re so close to Calgary. After lots of walking we headed to Canmore for supper…awww..good times!! 🙂
Isn’t it beautiful?

Can you see where Alex and Tim are?? 🙂
Can I live here? Please?

Free spirit!

A star!!

Loved this parking sign!

So they had to put up this sign?? Awwww…paradise on earth….

These two cute deers let me come up within several feet from them.:)

What a gorgeous place! Can you see the moon?!

The water is sooo clear and cold…brrr…

2 thoughts on “The Trip To Three Sisters”

  1. Awww, thanks Elaine!! It was such an amazing day, so glad we could escape from the city even for a wee bit!

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