3 things that brought me joy today!

I have the best husband ever! really! I came home today to another yummy cinammon apple pie…and I mean yuuuummmmyyyyy! My hips hate these pies but I love them! :)) And then I add a little bit of french vanilla ice cream on top while it’s still hot and it melts all over the cake…mmm..:)

Calgary Wedding photographer,Svetlana Yanova,apple pie

Oh Tim! I just absolutely adore and love my little guy, he’s the best! He loves playing with his magnetic construction toys and builts some extraordinary things with it. So proud of him!
Calgary Wedding photographer,Svetlana Yanova,Timofey's construction

I got my new business cards in mail today, I order them through Moo Cards down in England, they also have an office in the States. Love the product quality + they are environmentally friendly because they’re made with 100% recycled paper. And they’re so silky in touch, they feel so good in your hand and they’re very sturdy.
Calgary Wedding potographer,Svetlana Yanova,business cards,Moo cards

It’s been a very good day!:)) What about you?? Anything exciting happened today? 🙂

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  1. Svetlana Yanova

    Thanks so much Yul'!! :)) You should totally order from moo, you won't regret it. And come over for the cake!:P)

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