Tilt Shift – I love it!

Today I have learnt something new about photography that it so awesome I wanted to share it with you. Actually I made myself a promise long time ago that I will improve my skills every day and today was THE DAY when I discovered something really C O O L! It was like a great X-mas present! This technique is called `tilt shift` and can be achieved with either specific TS lens or with the help of Photoshop. It helps make the subject look really miniature in the frame.

Look at Alex and Tim, it seems like they are in the land of giants! :):)

See how small Tim seems to be among hoodoos?

I know for sure I`ll be playing with it more often now!
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5 thoughts on “Tilt Shift – I love it!”

  1. anerino originals

    the tilt shift is cool for sure! using a TS lens really expands one's creative boundries! hope to see some shots from you using this technique!

  2. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen! So cool. I look forward to giving it a try soon. In my quick internet search on the subject your photos rule – much better than any others I've seen.

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