Setting Holiday Mood. :D

Well somehow I’m in a holiday mood today, maybe because it’s freezing here in Calgary or maybe because I know I have to do some serious Christmas shopping, we only bought presents for Tim and my mom (shhh!!)…I still have my husband to shop for and kinda have an idea for his present but would love to hear your thoughts as well! help!

Today I stopped at one wonderful store on 10th Ave and got these beautiful Christmas ornaments. I liked them so much actually that I decided to create virtual X-mas cards for my friends (and apparently those who read my blog will be ahead of the game just a tad lol :))) Which one do you  like better by the way? Or both? :))) I had so much fun playing with a flash light as my external source of light for the ornaments! I will have to challenge myself to something bigger than that next year – like a softbox maybe? Off camera lighting is awesome!

Also, for this blog post I will be donating food cans to the Food Bank, soooo….the more you guys comment the more goodies I’ll get to bring to the food bank! You gotta help me be good! 🙂

Calgary Wedding Photographer,Svetlana Yanova,Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays,Happy New Year

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year,Happy Holidays,Svetlana Yanova,Calgary wedding Photographer

I love you guys and wish you  an amazing Christmas!

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  1. Lana, the skates are pretty and the light is cool. The space with the logo works and creates good graphical movement for the eyes. I like that one, your extremely talented.

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