Pink Surprise

I came home from work today and guess what?? One of my flowers was blossoming!! Wow! Don’t ask me what kind of flower this is, I just don’t know…I have a weird relationship wish flowers really, I can’t remember what they are called, I forget to water them most of the time, but I love having them in my house and the truth is – they grow, or better yet – survive! ๐Ÿ™‚ And even come up with some beautiful flowers once in a while. So when I came home today and saw it I had to take a couple of pictures.

calgary baby photographer

As soon as Tim saw me take out my camera from the camera bag he ran to his room and got his cute little Fischer Price camera and started taking pics, too!
calgary baby photographer

Another awesome story happened today, I just had to share the goodness with you. I was on the bus going home and to my great surprise (oh, another surprise of the day!) we had this awesome driver who was so enthusiastic and had this wonderful and positive attidude and was wishing every passenger a great night, adn I mean on every bus stop he’d wish everyone : “Have a great night! See you tomorrow!” and would have this big smile on his face. The funniest thing is the people were questioning why he was doing that (it was like asking “Hey why are being so nice?”)…There I saw a person who truly loves his job and loves the people he’s taking from one place to another every day. My heart was filled with joy just watching him interract with others. I overheard him say to one of the ladies he’s been working at Calgary Transit for over 8 years and thought it was the best job ever! I mean how many bus drivers do you see every day with such attitude?!

And what brought joy to you today?

I wish I had my camera with me so I can take this wonderful guy’s photo, so I’m going to post this smiling photo of Tim instead:
calgary baby photographer

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