One sunny day in Kananaskis….

It’s my mom’s birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, mom! You truly are the best – my best friend and supporter! Thank you for everything and we can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! I love you!!!

Last week we drove west of Calgary to spend some time in the ever beautiful Kananaskis county. We can never get tired of gorgeous mountains, ice cold creeks and furious rivers. When Tim gets a bit older we’re going white water rafting…oh yeah!

Kananaskis 8

Kananaskis 7

Kananaskis 6

Kananaskis 5

Kananaskis 3

Kananaskis 2

Kananaskis 1

2 thoughts on “One sunny day in Kananaskis….”

  1. Oh we had TONS of fun, thanks Sergei! I just can't enought of the beauty we have like half an hour from the city. It's amazing!

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