New Year’s resolutions…Myth or Reality??:)

Ok I’m a bit late posting these, but I keep thinking of more resolutions every day! :)) I’ve had a great weekend, had time to ponder, thought a lot about my life, spent a great night out with my husband and played a lot with my son Tim…what more can one wish for? So here’s what I’ve come up with so far (list not finished..:))

-Become a Better Photographer every single day
-Learn something new about lighting/posing/composiiton etc…fun stuff EVERY day!
-Less PC, more books (yes!)
-Blog at least several times a week (keeping my fingers crossed:))
-Spend more time with my family (looking forward to that!)
-Travel to a place I’ve never been before (hopefully with my family)…
-Be happy with what a new days brings (simple things matter)
-Start gym again (yay!)
-Get a new body (I’m taking about a camera!)…:)

Lol some of them sound more like dreams that resolutions, but even if they are it’s up to me to make them come true, right?? 🙂

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