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How to Avoid Fake Smiles in Your Photos?

Meet beautiful Denise, one of the experienced psychologists from Unicorn Psychology.

Let’s talk about fake smiles for a minute. 😬 Everyone says they hate them yet I see way too many photos with fake smiles in them, where the mouth is smiling but the eyes are looking into the camera like deer in headlights.

Fake smiles only happen in a couple of instances:
1️⃣ the client doesn’t trust the photographer 
2️⃣ the client isn’t relaxed enough to let go of the guard and just have a great time during a photo session

So, how to avoid fake smiles⁉️

My system is pretty simple and straightforward.

🔹️I talk. A lot.

🔸️I constantly give directions and provide positive and uplifting feedback telling the client they are doing amazing! And honestly, it’s easy to look great in the photos when you’re working with a professional

🔹️I show them the back of the camera after a great shot and that reassures them they are doing fantastic.

🔸️And I also make a lot of awkward jokes and that brings out a lot of laughter and real smiles 🤭🤣 

Exactly what I want! 😊

And what helps you relax in front of the camera❓