So many reasons I just love doing these sessions with Trena from where we partner up and create an amazing experience for those who want to feel pampered during pro make up and then look amazing in their photos!

It’s such a great value promo! Regular pricing starts at $295+tax and does not include pro make up, but with these sessions you can get camera ready by Trena AND get beautiful photos all for $295+tax!

Trena and I have been offering these sessions twice a year since 2015! (YES, ALMOST 10 YEARS!) and have met hundreds of local entrepreneurs, built wonderful friendships, networks and connections.

If you’re wondering if a Headshot Day is right for you, ask yourself:

  • Has it been over 2-3 years since my last headshot was taken?
  • Have I changed roles, jobs, companies in the last few years?
  • Have I changed hair style/color and my general appearance in the last few years?
  • Have I lost/gained weight in the last few years?
  • Do I have the need to submit latest headshot with my proposals or bids?
  • Do I like to look great in my headshots?

Message me through the contact form or email at and let’s chat!

If the answer to most of these is YES, then we’d love to see you!