Happy Halloween! :)

We had so much fun today trick or treating! I just love this time of the year, I think it’s so convenient to have kids so that they would go get bags of candies for you..lol…just kidding! But being a loving mom I wold certainly help Tim eat those candies.:) My hips won’t love me for that but does that really matter? The main thing is we had a blast. So many houses had those cool decorations. Sometimes they were REALLY scary, Tim stopped by one of the houses on 72 Ave and 10th Street NW and just wouldn’t go in, heck I wouldn’t go in but I had to show my son I was brave and there was nothing there to be scared of. My heart started beating faster, I think to the tone of some scary music they were playing and Tim followed me (I swear I could hear his knees trembling..:)). He got his candy from a mummy or whoever it was sitting there and ran back as fast as he could while I had to keep my cool..:) If you ever have a chance to check out that house – do that!! You won’t miss it, it’s the only hous elike that on that street and we go there every year, they’re so cool!

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