Flowers and Smiles

So I couldn’t wait till today when [b] becker was going to post some of the photos from the workshop! /I’m a weebit impatient most of the time hehe/ 🙂 Chris took headshots of 90 people in less than 15 minutes!! I was blown away by the speed at which this guy shoots, fo real! I have a LOT to learn. 🙂

Here’s a photo of me taken by Chris that I gave a little bit of processing love. 🙂
Svetlana Yanova, Calgary Wedding Photographer, [b]ecker, smiles

My husband surprised me today with flowers…awww! Well actually he went grocery shopping and I asked him to get me a diamond ring while he’s there and he got me flowers instead. :)) He’s so cute, I love him! 🙂

This was shot with my brand new Canon 7D and a Canon 50 1.8 aka nifty-fifty(which I almost sold but decided to keep until I upgrade to a better glass in this range, I looove this little lens, it’s so perfect!).
Svetlana Yanova, Calgary Wedding Photographer, [b]ecker, smiles

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