Hi everyone!

What a great day it has been (and I’m not talking about the weather here lol :)…I finally washed my car and haven’t been able to get into the driver’s seat through the driver’s door ever since – I guess some moisture got into the lock so I was getting into the car through the passenger’s seat…doh! Not so convinient I should tell ya plus I keep knocking the radio off with my feet as I struggle to get to my seat! :))

Also my good pal Tanecia had a taping of her BodyJam video today so a few of us came over to support her by dancing with her. She did amazing!! What a talent! We had such a blast just being there for her. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to have to be constantly aware of the video camera and remembering all the choreography! Tanecia, way to go girl! Wish you all the luck in your next video!!!

Hey don’t forget to fire off any questions you may have for me (photography related or not) on Svetlana Yanova formspring.me. I have the form integrated into my blog, it’s right below my bio info on the right hand side – can’t wait for your questions!! It’s like a fun game to me. 🙂
And since any blog post is better with a photo here’s me and my son…I found this photo that Alex took of us when we had no heat in our apartment on New Year’s and were all bundled up.:)))

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