What is your perfect day?

Yesterday I came across a beautiful video made by a very talented videographer Ron Dawson about a wedding photographer from Australia Jerry Ghionis whose work I deeply admire.

The video is called “Your Perfect Day” and I urge you to watch it, it’s only a few minutes long.

Before I go on, I want you to know I’m not that great with words – usually I let the photos tell the story so here’s mine:


(the above family images are by the amazing Monica Cyrenne)

The video really hit home with me. I love my clients and do everything possible to make them happy. After doing photography for 7 years I learnt that balancing work and family can be very difficult – I love capturing moments for my couples and I love spending time with my family. Both are so important to me, and when I think about my Perfect Day and I know it’s the one spent with my boys – my husband and son. 🙂 First we  would sleep in, I would make yummy crepes for breakfast to eat with four cream and maple syrup, then we’d take a road trip to the mountains, explore, of course I’d have my camera with me…or we’d go to the movies and watch one of the ones Tim picks hehe

“In my experience you get what you deserve in this life. How many perfect days with your loved are you going to have before you leave this earth? How many perfect days are you going to offer to someone else? Enjoy what you do for a living and use it to support and to protect what you have, not to sabotage it” – Jerry Ghionis

What is YOUR perfect day? Who and what do you wake up for? Why are you in business?


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