Tiffany and Nathan – Engaged!

This maybe the biggest post, so get your popcorn ready!:)) I was having a really hard time picking the photos for the blog, because there isn’t a bad photo of this beautiful couple. Tiffany and Nathan are such an awesome couple and they are head over heals in love! We had a blast shooting their engagement session inspite of the weather – it was raining one minute, then the sun would come out, rain, sun, rain, sun…:))) The guys were so brave even though at one point of time all of us were soaking wet. Thanks for your great smiles, guys!!

Tiffany, Nathan, thanks so much you guys for the great time, hope you had as much fun as I did! :)))

8 thoughts on “Tiffany and Nathan – Engaged!”

  1. Lana you have surpassed expectations….WOW! You sure can capture the deep 'LOVE' between Tiff and Nate. Spectacular pics – extraordinary, unique and heart warming. Nate and Tiff – I can't wait for the wedding…YEAH!!! 🙂 E

  2. Thanks E!!! Tiff and Nate truly are an amazing couple! And so in love! It was such a pleasure to photograph them, omg! I wish them lots and lots of happy days together!!

  3. Света, в очередной раз убеждаюсь, какая ты у нас умничка… :))

  4. Svetlana, these are GREAT! Really, really nice pics. I especially love the one with Tiff's hand over the pouch that says "Master". Perhaps a hidden message?

  5. Thanks so much Bobbie! It was meant to be a hidden message and I was glad we came across that lock. What a gorgeous couple!

  6. Nate and I had so much fun, we are absolutely in LOVE with these photos! You are so amazing Lana! Thank you so much for everything!

  7. Thank YOU, guys! I had an absolute blast taking your photos, hope it shows in them.:) I wish you and Nate a whole life of love and happiness together! Hope our paths will cross again in the future, you two are so much fun to be around. :)Svetlana

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