Teaser – Renata and Josh: Engaged

I have known Renata for over two years now, we work together. She is an awesome awesome girl! When she would tell us stories about Josh he always seems to be perfect so we started calling him Mr. Perfect. :)) And he is! They are perfect for each other. Last year Renata and Josh went on a 6-month trip to Europe, Russia and China where they saw the Olympics (how cool is that??!!)…It always melts my heart to see these two together and witness how caring they are to each other and to see sparkles in their eyes…Oh and did tell you these guys taught us to play cards (we gotta do it again soon!) and they love beer?? Perfect! 🙂

This is their beautiful dog Sadie, she’s just a puppy yet, so fun and playful!

engagement session

Loved this backdrop!
engagement session

One of my faves from our session!
engagement session
I will be posting more soon, still have almost a hundred photos to go through…come back for updates! 🙂

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