Hi everyone! Tim and I went to the swimming pool tonight for his first class. I couldn’t stay with him in the pool and had to watch from the top room through a glass wall. Since there were only 3 boys (and for the first 10 minutes there were only two – Timofey and another boy) they all got a lot of attention from the coach and loved playing in the water (after all for kids everything is done through play, right?). I was watching him and was so happy to see how excited he was! We’ll be going twice a week now for the whole month of April and I’m pumped that we’re going there again this Thursday! Swimming means a lot to me as I used to be a swimmer. When I was in Junior High in Russia I had swimming 2 times A DAY – before and after school – for 4 years, and I was loving it. So I hope Tim enjoys his swimming classes, too.:)

I’ve been waiting for so long to post these! :)) I can’t even start describing to you how great this family is – loving, caring, fun, good looking – they’ve got it all and more! I met Carolina and her family through my good friend Elaine and we hit our secret location for their photo session. The kids had a blast and were so well behaved I was amazed beyond belief.:))) All of them gave me so many beautiful smiles that my heart melted. Great times! I wanted to thank you guys for being such a great bunch, I had the time of my life shooting your photos! xoxoxo

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