Summer’s almost here!

Yesterday we had an awesome day, Alex put aside his books for a couple of hours and we went to Prince’s Edward Island in the downtown Calgary for a bike ride with Tim…awww fun times!

Tim rocks on monkey bars!
Climbing, climbing, and more climbing…. 🙂 I got a lot to learn from Tim – he moves all the time, never stops, always explores new things and that’s what I should be doing, too!
He doesn’t really care for the size of the slide either…

Hi there!

Alex thought it was so cool that he could see his reflection in my sunglasses that he had to take a picture of that..haha..:)

Like father like son…

This one is hilarious because Tim was riding his bike with his eyes closed while Alex was running after him (exercise for both hehe)…Reminded me of a Will Farrell movie about that car racer that wanted to trust his instincts…what was his name?? A! Ricky Bobby! :):):) Maybe not the best analogy but you get the point..:) I didn’t know Tim was doing it until I looked at the photos at home…He often tries to walk with his eyes closed , too…What can that mean?

My love…

Can’t remember if it was a “let-me-tell-you-a-secret” moment or a “let-me-shout-in-your-ear-very-loud moment”…haha..:) we had both…

We saw lot of cute little ducks, too…I’m guessing it’s their mating period as we also saw some of the male ducks fighting for a female, very fierce!

What a handsome guy!

Yours truly.:)

2 thoughts on “Summer’s almost here!”

  1. COOL family pics Lana. Tim sure loves life – he is a blessing. Alex looks great in his pics very handsome – and you girl… diggity dang – so fine! 🙂 E

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