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Studio Headshots in Calgary

“I don’t know what to do with my arms”

I hear this from almost every client when they book their session and I can say to that” “Don’t worry. I got you!”.

I will pose you to a T, including your arms. Yes, I’ll be honest, sometimes when I’m getting you into a certain pose, it may feel awkward, BUT I promise you will look amazing! Posing is a hard job and it will be so rewarding when you see the images.

A few tips on what to do with your hands when you’re being photographed:

1. If you’re doing the “hand on waist” shot, make sure your hand is actually placed a bit higher than your waist and also moved more towards the middle of your body rather than the side. It will visually create a slimmer waist line and who doesn’t want that 🙂

2. Avoid leaning on your hand or placing it next to your ear. Instead rotate it sideways toward the camera, let your fingers drop and leave space between the hand and the face. It will create the engaged look.

3. Make sure your nails are groomed as they might be in the shots. New nail polish or simply trimming the nails and cuticles will do. It gives a polished look to your images.

I’ve got these, and many more other handy (see what I did there?:) tricks up my sleeve!

Trust me. I got you.

Huge thanks to Trena for the wonderful job on make up.