Ok I have to share this one with you. I picked up this book http://fasttrackphotographer.com/ on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Fast-Track-Photographer-Definitive-Photography/dp/0981745504 a couple of weeks ago and can’t get enough of it. The author is a world famous wedding photographer Dane Sanders and in this book he shares the amazing and at times difficult journey that he had to go through when he was establishing his brand name. It’s hard to describe this book in a few words but consider this: if you’re thinking of making a business (of any kind!) this book is a MUST READ. If you’re willing and ready to absorb this informaiton and apply it your life you will succeed. This book made me look inside of myself, my soul, my work, my relationships with others when going through such a huge stage in life as creating a business. I love this book and I will recommend it to anyone who’s having the same thoughts run through their heads. It’s got one more really cool feature: pDNA that helps you realize what your strong and weak points are and how to work with them most effectively. It truly opened my eyes on how I see myself as a person, as a photographer and most importantly – how others see me. I have already started applying some of the principles and looking forward to the amazing results! If you haven’t got a copy, they’re still avaliable on Amazon.com. 🙂

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