Porch Portraits YYC

I’m sure some of you heard about Porch Portraits happening in US and Canada, and of course I wanted to be part of it. In these uncertain and sometimes scary times I wanted to do something fun and engaging in our Calgary communities. I reached out to my friends on Facebook and invited them to take part in the Porch Portrait Project (say that 3 times fast! haha).

Apart from taking the photos real quick on the front porch, I wanted to get a feel of what everyone is going through so I have asked each family to send me a word that they associate with what’s happening around them right now. I think just like everyone else I’m going through multiple emotions during the day, from hopeful to uneasy to scared to lonely to feeling like everything is going to be OK again. The only way to get through this together. That’s why this project was so amazing not only for these beautiful families, but for me as well. It helped me have a purpose, got me out of the house (safely) and I loved seeing everyone and visiting with my friends even from 6 to 10 feet away. I also got really good at giving awkward social distancing hugs (adding that to my CV). 🙂

To all the families who took part in this I want to say THANK YOU, your High-Res images will be sent to you all shortly. Stay healthy and please reach out if you need help!