I’ve been meaning to blog about it for quite some time now, but you know how it happens 🙂 – our busy lives sometimes take over.

A few months ago I became part of a fantastic group on facebook put together by the ever amazing Lawrence Chan from Tofurious. Those of you who are local to Calgary have heard me speak about him over and over (hope your ears were burning, Lawrence! haha) and how I recommend that every wedding photographer needs to get his books. Yes, he is GOOD.

What I love about the group that he had created is I got to meet some pretty fabulous and amazing photographers who also happen to be a bunch of fun and helpful people. I find when a person is going through certain changes in their life it’s really important to find support and yes, sometimes you need a friendly kick in the bum to get things rolling. What’s also great about that group is that most photographers are not from Calgary so we can freely brainstorm about marketing ideas, etc.

Among many photographers whom I have grown to admire are these fantastic peeps listed below…check out their work and give them comment love!

Caroline Lima Photography based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Caroline creates amazing images in the beautiful NC light! (slight light jealousy here hehe)

Ling Wang is from Houston, Texas and she ROCKS senior portraits (I wish they were popular in Canada!)

Nathan Gilmer a super cool photo artist from Daytona, Florida (it’s on my bucket list of the places to visit btw 🙂

Maggie J Photography creative and fun wedding photos from Maggie who is from Allentown, Philadelphia

Love & Lemonade first of all I’m drooling over Nina’s location (Los Angeles, California) and I’m blown away be her work and mixed-tape Mondays! 🙂

Loved this quote, it’s perfect for how I have been feeling lately:

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