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Personal Branding Photos: Maggie

Are 2 headshots enough for your business? For most people yes, 2 headshots is a perfect number to post on social media and rotate.

That being said, if you are active on social media (you’re a realtor, SMM, medical professional, life or fitness coach, and many others) having many photos for unique social media posts is essential. It’s been proven again and again that followers on various platform mostly connect with photos of YOU rather than with what you do. We can chat about creating a photo session just for you and your business, just like we did here for Maggie.

As always I love sharing images from my client’s personal branding sessions. They are so much more than just headshots. Through a personal branding session you have a chance to create a narrative, tell a story about your business and attract the right clients who will truly connect with you. 

The beauty of a personal branding shoot is that it’s longer than a headshot session, we can cover a couple of different locations to create variety of images for you to use on social media and website.

I absolutely love it when clients adore the images even before they see the gallery, simply because they enjoy the experience so much. Maggie, a marketing guru over at Quant Communications Inc was having an amazing time! Even though she doesn’t have much experience with photo sessions, with my gentle guidance (and a whole bunch of crazy jokes to get those lovely smiles) she looks gorgeous, confident and 100% in line with her brand. Please check out her website if you are looking to refresh the look of your website! 

Book your session with me today and let me create stunning images for you!