I couldn’t wait to have our family photos done this summer, so when Anna Silchenko and I both had some free time on our hands she was kind enough to photograph our crazy family. haha :)) Anna, thanks so much for being so patient with us and really capturing “us”. 🙂

Since I’m the one behind the camera all the time I thought I should follow my own advice and get my make and hair professionally done. It totally created a different experience! So huge thanks to Trena Laine for my make up and for styling my hair. Big thanks go out to Lori Betts for doing my nails and of course the biggest warmest and greatest thanks go out to my family for being game for photos. It was really hard to wait for the photos (now I know how my clients feel!!) but it was so worth it in the end! I wish I could post them all!!!

Anna, thank you SO MUCH!!!!! We will cherish this forever!!

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  1. Domenica reply

    What a fun shoot! You look beautiful! Treasure these! 🙂

  2. Joelene reply

    These are beautiful! You guys are simply GORGEOUS!

  3. Matthew reply

    What fantastic pictures!! You all look so happy and like you're having SO much fun!! Well done!!

  4. Amy reply

    I love them all! Lana you are beautiful and so is your family!

    • Svetlana1610

      Thank you guys!! We love the photos! :)))

  5. Muriel MacRae reply

    Great photos of your family, Svetlana. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Nicole Voth reply

    These are so much fun, but I especially like the ones of just you and your husband.

    • Svetlana1610

      thanks!! Nicole, those are very rare! :))

  7. Lilia reply

    Beautiful pictures!

  8. Shir reply

    Lana!!your eyes!! You sexy kitten 🙂 haha great pics girl

  9. monique reply

    what a beautiful family ,the pictures are great.

  10. Lisa M reply

    love them!!! you look stunning btw 🙂

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