Hi everyone, as some of you may have noticed I’m now going to be chatting with you all from my new blog created by the ever amazing Stacy from www.sarelia.com! Thank you once again, my friend!!

Today my family and I went shopping for our Christmas tree. Since we moved to Canada we have always had a fake tree that was graciously given to us by one of our friends. This year will be different. We got up, had breakfast, drove to the Canadian Tire on Shaganappi Trail and found a very cute Nova Scotia pine that was the perfect size – a little taller than Tim which means…perfect for decorating! It’s also very puffy (can you even say that about a tree??) and SO soft. There’s something about having a real tree over Christmas, I love the pine smell and it just feels different in the house. The only bummer is cleaning the endless needles but I can live with that. 🙂

I haven’t updated my blog with new pictures lately, so here’s a little preview! TIP: If you click on any image it will take you to a gallery and you will be able to flip through all of the photos instead of scrolling down.

I’m looking for some blog love today on my first post on the new blog (hint hint) and would love to know how you like it! 🙂 Share away!

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  1. Rachael reply

    I absolutely adore all of your photographs. You're an amazing artist with a wonderful eye for human emotion.

  2. Alexey Yanov reply


    Molodets! Good shots!

    Lublu, Ya.

  3. Stacy S. reply


    It is such an honor to work with you! Thank you so much for being a SARELIA design+development client!

  4. svetlana reply

    Thank you so so much!!

  5. Ekaterina reply

    I've been waiting for this…so exciting!!! So now you promise to blog more often, right? Love the new website! Stacy did an amazing job!

  6. julie reply

    Looking good!! Love all of the images you shared here. So awesome!

  7. Rachael reply

    You did Lindsay and Alex's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. You'll be hearing from me soon and will hopefully be kind enough to meet up with my fiancé and I for a consult.

    • svetlana

      So kind of you to say this, Rachael! Ekaterina and I made a great team shooting Lindsay and Alex's wedding! I would love to meet with you and your fiance. 🙂

  8. Calgary Design reply

    This site is going on my bookmark list for sure.

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