Hi everyone! Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to be the second photographer for Sergei Belski http://www.sergeibelski.com/blog/ at Lindsey and Jeremy’s wedding which took place in Airdrie. Thanks, Sergei, for letting me come with you! You’re amazing! And what a sweet and loving couple! They’ve known each other forever and have dated for the past 3 years. You should have just seen the way Jeremy looked at Lindsey, my heart melted! What a joy to see people so much in love! I’m so grateful that they let me be part of their special day, I truly enjoyed every moment of it (yeah yeah even the clingy bugs in the field! :):)…

Here’s a card and a note that Lindsey gave to Jeremy before the wedding:
Lindsey’s surprise gift to Jeremy:

The groom getting extra courage:

One of the groomsmen enjoying The Giant Bathroom Book…haha…:) Actually the whole bridal party was fantastic, lots of fun!!

What a cutie!! He even took this basket down to the main floor all by himself. Precious!

Handsome groom:

Hugs from mom:

Another little cutie!

Jeremy is getting some styling from his sister:

Getting flowers done:

Beautiful Lindsey with her parents:

“You may now kiss the bride”….ahhhh

Prayer for the newly weds…

Such a happy couple!

Isn’t she gorgeous??

Lindsey’s brother playing with his nephew. 🙂

Some romantic moments….

And fun moments…:)

Stunning bride!

I just fell in love with these orange shoes!!

So much love in her eyes…

HApPy TwiRliNg!

Many faces of Lindsey…and all of them are beautiful! 🙂

Scared of the bee flying around her flowers…:)

What a gorgeous couple!

Groomsman having a blast on the slide! Go Chris!

Lindsey is a teacher so she wanted to go the playground for photos and we had tons of fun!

Look at this little princess. 🙂

ahhhh…what a precious little thing! and already partying! :))
Jeremy surprised everyone by having the first dance right from the start and I have to tell you they looked AH-MAZING!
Jeremy’s sister’s tears of happiness:
Cameras and camcoders everywhere, you can’t miss any detail of this wonderful day!
Wow thanks so much for this wonderful day!

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