I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes already trying to find the words to describe this photo session with Kendra and it’s hard ’cause it was a totally rocking, awesome and spectacular shoot! Kendra, you are fantastic!! Thanks sooo much for the great time and your cheerful attitude and willing to try everything! Holy it was a blast! 🙂 It was very diffucult to pick a few favourites out of a 100 photos but here they are:

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  1. sergeibelski reply

    Good job, I like it!

  2. Svetlana reply

    Thanks Sergei!

  3. Anonymous reply

    i like your work !!! and your post processing skills.. phamster

  4. Svetlana reply

    Thank you Phamster! I was so lucky to have Kendra as a model, she's amazing!

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