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Headshots for Local Calgary Artist

Meet Kim, she’s a local Calgary artist, and we had a blast doing her photos!

What inspires you daily when you create art?

I feel the world deeply, so my paintings are inspired by a need to create beauty and simplicity.  I love painting flowers because they represent life to me. They are beautiful but imperfect.   I love color, shape and texture.  

What habits improve your life?

As much as I hate to admit it, being disciplined with my exercise routine has helped me improve my life.  I have more energy, I stand taller, I feel more confident, and I feel healthy.  For me it is worth the work!  The rewards spill into all the other areas of my life.  

How did you get started as an artist?

Getting started as an artist was a lifelong process I guess.  I loved to draw  and color when I was a kid but never really did anything with it.  One day my car seemed to be on auto pilot and I drove to this art studio.  I knew that I just had to try.  I signed up for lessons and my journey began.  I now belong to the Parkland Painting Collective where I am inspired and humbled by my fellow artists.  It has given me an outlet for my passion and a community of like minded people who have become my dear friends.

How was your experience during your photo session? Were you nervous? 

I was very nervous coming in for my studio session.  I really appreciated how relaxed you made me feel and how you gently coached me for posing.   It has been a great experience.  Thank you! 

Connect with me for your session 🙂