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5 steps to get the best images from your photo session.

Judy called me about her headshot as she was starting her career in real estate. With the market being so hot, it’s perfect timing for her! Look at how gorgeous she looks.

Of course, I always try to educate my current and future clients, so…here are a few tips on how to get the best images from your photo session:

βœ… Bring your best smile and your best attitude, you’re representing your business. 
βœ… Wear an outfit you love and feel beautiful in.
βœ… Have an idea on how you will be using the images, what color background you will need etc, how will the photos be used, will you need negative space around you to allow for cropping etc, discuss those details with your photographer. 
βœ… Do not worry about a pimple that appeared on the day of your session – that’s what Photoshop is for πŸ™‚ 
βœ… Ideally have professional hair and make up done to even out skin tones, accentuate your features and get that beautiful refreshed look. 

Oh and, please don’t forget to check out March Headshot Days. Trena Laine will be doing make up for those sessions and you will look absolutely fabulous! Also, having updated headshots done regularly (and not once every 10 years) can do wonders for your business. Personal photos always get more engagement than images of your products, because people and your potential clients always want to connect with the person behind the business name.

WARNING: You may look so stunning that you won’t want to take the make up off and will be hiring a permanent make up artist :))))

Feel free to contact me about your headshot session at any time!