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Headshots for Calgary Creative Writer

A few weeks ago I was happy to do new headshots for Calgary Creative Writer Bonnie. She came to my studio during our annual Headshot Days with Trena Laine and we both loved meeting our new client.

When clients first contact me, most choose the 2 image “KEY” package for their photo session and notice I never try to upsell them on more photos. My goal is to provide them with the number of images they want/need for their business depending on how they plan to use those images at this given time. Most people are good with 2 photos to post on LinkedIn, Facebook or to go with the About Me page on their website. I’m totally cool with it too.

Some clients, like the lovely Bonnie here, start with 2 photos and later upgrade to get more. She realized she needed more images for her business and I’m happy to help her with that. Since we usually get a good variety of photos during our sessions, Bonnie was able to add more images later. Of course, I was so happy to help her with that.

Ideally, I love to ask my clients to please think about the usage of the photos. For example, do you want them to be trendy or timeless? Do you plan to post new photos weekly/monthly or they are just for your profiles? Optionally, consult your web designer (if you’re working with one) to see what format they want the photos in. Knowing answers to these questions are going to make your session a success!

Contact me today for more info!

Make up for Bonnie was done by the talented http://www.trenalaine.com