Headshot Express Sessions // Calgary Headshots

Omg where do I begin? I want to thank everyone who came to my first Headshot Express Session Day in June, July and August and got amazing headshots done, we had such a great time! 43 amazing people were photographed at great prices and got new updated headshots for all their social media platforms.

There’s still room to book your January 25 headshot express session πŸ™‚

Why do people even need new headshots? There’re so many reasons, let me list a few:

  • it’s very important right now to be visible and to show your face to the clients – you can’t hide behind a logo anymore, business right now is all about being personal and connecting to your clients. Headshots help with the first impression which is showing you as professional, polished, talented Calgary entrepreneur that you are!
  • if you have had a headshot taken before but a few years have passed – ideally you want to get a new headshot taken once every 3-5 years, to stay current with the trends and to make sure your photo looks like you when the clients meet you for the first time.
  • are you starting a new business or new career? that’s the perfect time to get a new headshot and announce your new adventure to the world!

Join me at my studio! Bring visibility to your business through beautiful headshots!

Please see all the details HERE.