Photo-session What to Wear Guide

If you have booked your session, THANK YOU and I cannot wait to see you!

Why am I doing these sessions?

I really wanted to help local YYC entrepreneurs get beautiful photos quickly and at an affordable price. Of course, since they are not custom sessions there will be a few restrictions. The dates are set, as well as the type of backdrop and setting. However, that’s how we get the affordable part which a lot of people wanted. I will be photographing on a grey backdrop which will compliment any color clothing you bring.

I also wanted to create a guide for clothing suggestions as I know many people do not get photographed often and could use some help in this. It’s the always the dreaded “What Should I wear for my Photosession?” question. No worries, I’m here to help! So here are some wardrobe tips that will help you look and feel beautiful in your photos:

  1. Bring outfits you feel absolutely beautiful (or handsome) in – we all have those in our closets. They are the outfits that fit well (not too big, not too small), with colors that are super complimenting to you and you just feel amazing wearing them. Jeans or pants with a nice short or top, dresses for ladies/dress shirt for gentlemen as a more formal option, jackets and light sweaters are all great options as well. Avoid bringing a lot of jewelry as we want all focus to go to your eyes.

2. I prefer clothing without strong patterns or logos, that being said if patterns etc are part of your brand – then you’re more than welcome to wear those options! My goal is to bring attention to your beautiful self and your face.

3. Bring options! Ideally, I always recommend to have 2-3 options with you, that way we can pick and choose what works best for the images.

4. Of course, And one of the main tips – whatever you bring, please ensure the clothing is CLEAN, WRINKLE-FREE and doesn’t have pet hair all over πŸ™‚

5. Oh and do not worry about shoes, they won’t be in the shots so you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in!

Our lovely make up artist Trena will be there to make you look like a star!

Please check out what some of my clients were wearing in their photos, and it could give you a few ideas!

As always, you can contact me here if you have any additional questions or email me directly at