Goodbye 2011

Goodbye, 2011! I had a wonderful time with you, you helped me meet some amazing people and go to breathtaking places. I will forever be grateful to you for it. You brought be laughs, smiles, lots of joy. You brought our family together as we travelled to Disneyland and then later Seattle. Those times are priceless. You also made me see how much fun road trips are! (I have never been on one until we went to Seattle).

But you also made me work hard. You challenged me. You dared me. Sometimes you even scared me. But all of it helped me build my character, make new friends and re-connect with old friends. You also gave me courage to change a few things about my business and I’m so glad you did! You also helped me realize how important my family is and how I need to cherish every second I get with them. My son is a year older than he was in 2010, and I want to be there for him as he grows to be a year older yet again. I love watching him grow.

Dear 2011, I’m sorry if I was mad at you because I thought you were going by too fast (well, let’s face it, you were! I mean how else could I have forgotten my son was in Grade 2 and not in Grade 1 when I went to parent/teacher interview? you tell me!).

But still, you were such a good year to me! 15 weddings, almost 50 portrait sessions – I feel so blessed to have met all these wonderful couples and families. It was great to take my family to some of the sessions and have my son ask me to move when he wanted to take a photo of this one couple (who I kindly thank for their patience with my 7-year old). He loved to be part of it.

Thank you, 2011! And frankly, I cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring!

I know every post is better with photographs, so here’re a few images from my last session of 2011 – the beautiful A. Family:

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