I was fortunate to spend some time with this wonderful family and take their photos! When we got to their house we were greated by the sweetest dog ever – Bella! 🙂 We were half hour into the photo shoot when it started sprinkling and then ….pouring! Thank goodness for lots of thick trees in Steven and Katherine’s backyard but at some point at rained so hard we had too hide on the porch..:)

Thanks so much for the wonderful time, guys! I really enjoyed getting to know you all!

Hi Bella!
Look how thrilled the kids are to get kisses from the parents! 🙂 Eilidh (what an unusual name) loves taking photos, too, and she’s a Canon girl! (whoohoo!)

Katherine is a cat lover and even the home welcome sign has cats and kittens on it:

What’s out there?

Eilidh and Soren looking cool: Bella: “Are you done yet? I want to play!”

That was one crazy jump!

Love those awwww moments…:)

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