FAQ (post #1) – For Photographers

I’ve been thinking about doing this FAQ post for quite a long time. I get a lot of questions from photographers about my gear, post processing, workflow, etc…so I will start now.:)

1. What makes you unique  from other photographers???

Me. There’s only one “me” in the world, right?:) Just like there’s only one YOU. I think the main thing, apart from my photography style, is the way I interact with clients and the experience they get when they’re photographed by me. I’m still defining and refining my style – and it is a continuous process. It will never stop. That’s the exciting thing about photography – it’s constantly evolving. New gear, new trends, new people.

2. How do you advise your clients what to wear for their photo sessions?

I did a blog post about it not long ago and am emailing it out to me clients when they ask about it – saves me tons of time.

3. What are all the different types of equipment that you use? Favourite lens?

I have 2 cameras – one main and one back-up (and yes, if you’re doing photography professionally, you MUST have back-up equipment, I heard too many sad and scary stories about its failure in the most inappropriate moments). I shoot with Canon 5d mk2 and Canon 7D with a variety of lenses including Canon 35L 1.4, Canon 50L 1.2, Canon 85 1.8, Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS , Canon 100L 2.8 IS Macro, Canon 10-22 3.5-4.5, Canon 17-55 2.8. My all time favourite lens is Canon 50L 1.2 – it’s my to-go-to lens, perfect for almost every portrait session that I do. The image quality is unbelievable straight out of camera. I also love my new 35 1.4 and will be playing more with it, for sure. The thing is it’s not what gear you have but what you do with that gear. When I first started out I had a Canon 40D with kit lens and did my best to make it work (mind you I quickly realized I had to change something if I wanted to become a professional portrait and wedding photographer  – which meant upgrading gear.). The first “L” lens that I bought was the 70-200L 2.8 IS, awesome awesome lens, love it. Wow, I talk a lot….

4. What do you use for post processing your images?

I use the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom to process and retouch my images. I love TRA actions but never apply them at 100% and always add my own touch (more about it in later posts). I do like to keep my photos as real looking as possible, just adding a little pop. 🙂

Here’s an image from today’s session (Before and After):

before and after, post processing, photographer's workflow

Hope I was able to help some of you! If you have any other questions please post them in comments. 🙂 Cheers, friends! <3

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