So during lunch time last Friday my friend Elaine and I hit the back alleys of Calgary downtown and took some shots. This girl is a hoot, we had so much fun just goofing around and playing! :)) I loved every minute of this photo session! Thanks, E!

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  1. Spdspecialists reply

    Great work with Elaine!! If you want to branch out into a more sporting theme, feel free to contact me through my website.Cheers!Stefan<a&gt <a href="http://;” target=”_blank”>;

  2. Svetlana reply

    That'd be awesome, Stefan! Elaine told me about your love for boats and your website is great! I will contact you in the near future for sure!!Take care!

  3. Cristi reply

    Nice lighting. Good work.

  4. amynave reply

    Those are awesome! I love doing photoshoots with friends. Looks like your friend had a blast modeling:)

  5. Svetlana reply

    Thanks so much Christi and Amy!! She did have a blast and she's soooo fun to shoot! Would do anything you ask and makes up poses herself as we go. A dream model! 🙂

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