WOW! For the first time EVA I got a chance to shoot a Trash The Dress Session for Ekaterina with Sergei Belski . I love shooting with this guy! I’m still going through tons of photos and will be posting these for now but promise not to keep you waiting for the rest of them! 🙂 I just had too much fun..:) Trash The Dress is a type of photo shoot where the former bride will:
1) have tons of fun!!
2) have tons of fun!!!!
3) will get to walk through the mud, sit or lay on the grass, get into icey cold pond or stand in the waterfall (next in plans!:), etc, it may also take place in an urban setting as well – which translates into 4) have even more fun and play!!!!! :)))

We had a little accident on our way back though – just when we decided it was time to head back home (ahh…home…where we have freezing cold orange juice and ice cream, that’s all I can think about in this HOT weather we’ve been having in Calgary lately :)…Anyways, we realized the car keys were locked in the trunk! I mean it’s 8 pm at night, we’re 1,5 drive away from home in the middle of nowhere..:) We wanted to thank Sergei for staying with us and phoning AMA for us (apparently Apple has better reception than Fido) and then waiting with us for 2 hours until AMA’s contractor from Cochrane came to the rescue. Whoohoo!

A special thanks to our wonderful couple – Ekaterina and Ivan! Ekaterina is simply stunning and a natural model, I loved working with her. On to the photos now..:)

Never too late to play with baloons 🙂
wedding,trash the dress
Such a sweet couple!
wedding,trash the dress
I wish I could fly using just baloons!
wedding,trash the dress
Isn’t she gorgeous?
wedding,trash the dress
Real beauty!
wedding,trash the dress
Love this photo of Ekaterina!
wedding,trash the dress
Sweet smiles!
wedding,trash the dress

wedding,trash the dress
It wasn’t cold at all, right girl? 🙂
wedding,trash the dress
Looove this one!
wedding,trash the dress
Sergei searching for the perfect spot to get cell reception:
Beautiful sunset in the mountains:
trash the dress,wedding

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  1. Ekaterina reply

    WOW Svetlana, these are so much fun and so beautiful! I have so many nice photos all of the sudden. Thank you so much. And to answer your question about the water, it was a bit cold, but it was definately worth it. :))

  2. Svetlana reply

    Thanks Katya!! :):) You were very brave getting into cold water but I'm glad you did…lol..:) Can't wait to another TTD!

  3. sergeibelski reply

    I have to say that the best shot is of me :)You did a great job Svetlana!

  4. Svetlana reply

    haha…:)) Thanks Sergei!!

  5. Ekaterina reply

    Me too. We just have to wait for some rain. Not that we want it:)))and we will make sure that Sergei is in more pictures next time.

  6. Svetlana reply

    Oh for sure!!

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