Hi everyone, I’ve been playing around with the blog html (I didn’t know this word until yesterday when I decided to learn how to post bigger photos on here so people don’t have to click to enlarge images, here’s the tutorial btw http://www.blueorchidblog.com/2007/10/how-to-have-large-photos-on-your-blog.html ..:), well just to make it more fun and easier for everybody…:) plus it’s always great to learn new tricks and for me it was a true REVELATION as I’m sort of…technically challenged to put it mildly 🙂 The IT guys at the company I work at probably roll their eyes every time I beg them for help which happens a lot..:) So yesterday I was extremely proud of myself for figuring this stuff out (it only took me a few hours, so what?) :)…Anyways, first things first – on to the story and the photos:

Last week I had a blast taking photos of Drew and his beautiful sister Allison aka Elmo (I just love her nickname!). They showed up looking even cooler than cool and we headed to an awesome little spot we discovered just outside of the city and it was the perfect spot to take photos of Drew’s HAWT bike! He’s a proud owner of Ducati 999R. How sweet is that! He’s travelled in Italy on bike tours twice (what a rocking experience for sure!), and Drew has got a lot of awesome stories to share, he’s got a real talent for writing, I gotta tell ya. And I’m so glad that Allison was able to join the photo session, she is just simply gorgeous! They both are so laid back, it was a pleasure to capture their great personalities, smiles and laughs. Thank you so much, guys!

Great looking Drew and Allison:
Yes it was raining the whole time, we were wet and dirty and had a BLAST! 🙂

Isn’t Allison gorgeous??

And she’s a biker, too! Hmmm…For some reason this photo got cut off, please click on it to see the full version:
Drew looking pretty cool and handsome on his Dukati under pouring rain:



HAWT shiny bike under stormy clouds…love it!


Thanks so much, guys, for being so fantastic and brave in the rain! I had so much fun at our session!

Can you please let me know if you can see the photos, I’ve uploaded them differently this time. Hope they show up.

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