Day 3

It’s been 3 days now that Tim’s sick, the fever won’t go down and keeps at 38.2 – 38.3C inspite of Tylenol. He seems to be ok though, playing as he usually does and wants his friends to come over for a visit.:) He’s a bit overexcited though with his cheeks red and just can’t seem to find a spot to sit for even a minute. “Mommy I’m fine, let’s phone Dilan and Dallas and we can play!”…:) D&D are his new friends he met on Wednesday, they are my friend’s sons. I feel like I’m getting some sort of bug, too, my temperature is at 36.9 – 37.2C and I feel like c**% honestly (pardon my language). Alex had to go to school today so Tim and I are just vegging at home. Several days ago Alex brought me flowers and to my surprise they’re still as beautiful and fresh as they were on the day he gave them to me.:) awww!
These photos were taken with Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS that I borrowed for my last week’s first boudoir session, so I was testing it and practicing. Did very little post processing on these. Loved this lens!

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  1. Hi Mary! Thanks so much! Tim's much better today, I doubt he'll go to his swimming lesson though (maybe on Thursday)…:) What a weekend, huh?

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