What we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Dane Sanders has announced his rocking workshop here in Calgary that will take place on May 5th and 6th, 2010 (yes, a TWO DAY intense workshop with lots of practical knowledge and tips plus Dane’s marketing ideas for photographers!). If you missed Chris Becker’s Workshop last November and though to yourself: “Man, I really should have gone and learnt some great stuff that’s applicable to my business!” you really should go to this one! Plus you won’t feel left out when everyone posts photos from the workshop on their blogs and Facebook and tags your friends…haha jk. :)))) Join the Facebook Group to find out about all the updates and be on the mailing list. If you’re new to the industry (just like I am!) it’s a fantastic way to network and make new friends among photographers and interact in a great and friendly environment learning new things about you, your business and your clients. So come and meet 40-50 photogs in your area, bring your photography gear, hang out and learn from one of the best photogs in the wedding photography industry!

I suggest that you read Dane’s book Fast Track Photographer, it was mind blowing for me!

And if you decide to register please click here! See you at the workshop!! Oh and by the way Dane is offering A LOT of goodies for those who attend the seminar! It’s just too good to miss.

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