I know I probably shouldn’t recommend the book I haven’t even finished reading myself but I can’t help it! If you have time please get a copy of Jodi Picoult’s “Change of Heart” – it’s truly amazing! It talks about love and faith, and agonizing pain of loosing those you love. The way the author narrates is also quite interesting. Not the ordinary book for sure. And I’m definately going to read more of her work!
Here’s the review: http://www.jodipicoult.com/change-of-heart.html

“Do you remember the last book you read where, after each couple of pages, you had to set the novel aside and regroup? Think to yourself, ‘Wow, what would I do?’ I know, because I just finished Jodi Picoult’s latest best-seller, Change of Heart. This, the 15th Picoult novel since 1992, is a page-turner, not in the mystery-murder fashion, but in the breath-taking, thought-provoking way.”
— Clarion-Ledger Newspaper.

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