San Francisco Trip

San Francisco. The city we have never been before but will definitely come back to again!!! We’re in love with it.

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Toronto and Niagara Falls

More photos from travels with my parents when they came over here for vacation! Loved having them with us, our schedule was jam packed with things to go and see. Love travelling and I am incredibly happy we were able to go to another side of Canada with my mom and dad and see Niagara …

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Banff and Invermere trip: Part 1

My parents are visiting us from Russia and we took them to some of our most favourite places: Banff and Invermere. I can’t believe that in almost 8 years that we’ve lived in Canada we have never taken a gondola ride! What a fantastic experience! I will be posting more photos soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Glacier National Park

This past weekend my family and I took a little vacation (yay to vacations!). We packed up and went to Whitefish, MT. Alex and I absolutely love it there – the drive alone is worth going for! Glacier National Park is a gorgeous place to go to. All the waterfalls, mountains, snow, lakes oh my …

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Our Adventure to Mother Russia

Oh gosh where do I start?? The words that would describe our adventure would be – fun, lovely, unique, memories, childhood, reunite, wonderings (especially that one of Tim’s : “I wonder if there’re poisinis snackes in Russia?” , remember that one?? haha) , chocolate, wine, friends, family, walking, amazement, real, extreme, Shanson, beautiful women, laughter, …

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Goodbye 2011

Goodbye, 2011! I had a wonderful time with you, you helped me meet some amazing people and go to breathtaking places. I will forever be grateful to you for it. You brought be laughs, smiles, lots of joy. You brought our family together as we travelled to Disneyland and then later Seattle. Those times are …

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