Being a complete geek (and an artist at heart) I was so excited yesterday when I got 2 packages at once – one with my sample boudoir album shipped all the way from Japan and one with DVD cases for my clients. Yeepeeeee!!!! It felt like Chrismas right away (I am not going to mention the fact that Calgary did LOOK like at Christmas time this morning with all the…s n o w)…you know when you’re a kid and you get exactly what you wish for. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Today Tim and I are at home…the poor kid is getting over a pretty bad cold with caughing, ear ache and all the “fun” stuff that comes with it and I took a moment to blog while he’s napping. Question to you guys – what do you do when your kiddos are sick? He doesn’t feel like reading or doing anything, just watches TV. Your thoughts?

And since every blog post is better with photos, here’s a couple of my yesterday’s gifts:

Calgary wedding Photographer,Svetlana Yanova,CD cases,albums,packaging

Calgary wedding Photographer,Svetlana Yanova,CD cases,albums,packaging

Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm! :))

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