Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was fabulous! A couple of our friends and I went to Calgary zoo on Saturday but didn’t stay too long as it was freeeeezing! Tim had a blast as usual though – give this guy some space and comfortable shoes and he doesn’t care about the weather…hee hee..:) There’s a lot of renovations going on in the zoo and I can’t wait to go there again once it gets a bit warmer. Friday was amazing, too – Elaine and I had an absolutely EXTRAORDINARY location for a photo shoot which we hit early in the morning and spent like 4,5 hours there. I am not ready to post any photos yet as I’ve been working on other images, but hope I have intrigued you enough to come back here in a few days to check out those photos! 🙂
Some of you might remember Lorie’s photo session from way back in August 2008 I think. Lorie is a pal of mine from work and last week we decided to scout some back alleys in downtown Calgary again to take photos (easily done since I work in dontown :). Lorie has changed a lot in the past few months and we wanted to take some photos of her new look (looking gorgeous, girl!!). My other pal from work, Ingrid, was helping and encouraging us as well!

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