Last week Tim and I packed up and drove all the way to Airdrie for a photo shoot for my co-worker Kim. I’m saying “all the way” because it was a real adventure to me going to a whole different city (even if it’s only half hour away) since I got my driver’s license not so long ago. I love driving through and Tim and I had a blast going up Deerfoot. I know I’m lame – I kinda like Anyways after a couple of phone calls to Kim to make sure we’re on the right way we made it safe to their beautiful house. The kids were playing inside and got excited to have Tim as a playmate – sooo cool!:)) You could just feel the energy in this house – 3 boys (2 Erics and Liam) and a beautiful girl Robyn were so cute in their matching shirts and jeans, but as soon as the formal photos were done they all were thrilled to change back into their everyday clothes and just play. I love taking photos of people not really posing or being aware of the camera. The little boy Liam was adorable when he was blowing kisses and playing with his toys…awww! Robyn was a S T A R! Thanks for being such a great model for me, girl! Thanks to all of you guys, it was so hard to pick just a few photos to post and I hope you’ll be able to see the heart of this wonderful family!

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