6 Myths About Photographers

Myth # 1. Photographers just click the shutter – of course we click the shutter, but that’s about 0.0004% of what we do. Professional photographers offer their vision, talent and experience. An average hour long family session usually requires up to 10-12 hours of work behind the scenes – beginning from the initial email, discussing locations, outfits, travelling to the shoot, having a blast at the photo session, going back home and downloading the images, backing them up, processing them, creating pre-design for wall displays and albums, uploading the gallery, taking and fulfilling print orders. But you know what makes it all worth it? Seeing the happy and impressed faces of my clients when they take their photos which have now been transformed into art for their home.

Myth # 2. Photographers charge too much for prints. Or do they?? Think about it – if you go to a lawyer and they draw up a contract or another document for you, do you only pay for paper? Or would you only pay Picasso for the cost of the canvas? When you buy prints from your photographer you’re not paying for photo paper only, although you can be sure your prints are not done in Wall Mart or Superstore, they will be done in a pro photo lab with the best printers. Your prints will not fade in 2 weeks and the colors will not be off and weird looking. But again, this is only a part of the cost. The main thing is the photographers bring years of experience and you will have long lasting memories, they do capture the moment!

Myth # 3. I do not need to hire a professional photographer, an amateur with a big DSLR camera will do just fine. This could not be farther away form the truth. Since Groupon came out, followed by its younger brothers (Dealfind, etc), I have gotten phone calls from people who bought discounted coupons and later regretted them – they didn’t get the photos they loved, it didn’t feel like the photographer cared (how can they – they have another 900 to photograph!). Same goes for asking your uncle/friend/niece/neighbour with his new shiny camera to shoot your wedding. Are you willing to risk your big day’s memories? (and possible ruining a relationship you cherish right now with your friend). You’re paying the pro photographer for your piece of mind, for the consistency in their work and you can trust they won’t get drunk during reception and forget to photograph all the fun! πŸ™‚

Myth # 4. If a photographer carries around 40 lbs of equipment or has a very big lens then they must be really good! A pro photographer comes to a session with a vision, they usually know what images they will get before the session even starts (thanks to their experience) and plan ahead. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have various lenses and play with lights if that’s a photographer’s style, which leads me to….

Myth # 5. If I like the style of a very expensive photographer I can ask anyone to replicate it for less money. Each photographer has a style and no matter how hard they can try to shoot like someone else, this imitation will be rather poor. Photography is very subjective and there are plenty of talented photographers to choose from who create photos in the style you prefer – edgy, classy, traditional, fun, using natural light or off camera lighting. Do your research or better yet – talk to your friends and get their recommendation for a professional photographer they used and loved. Chances are Β BIG that will LOVE your photos! πŸ™‚ My best clients come from referrals because they trust I will do a great job with their photos and they have seen the beautiful photos their friends got.

Myth #6. I need CD with high resolution photos from my session. Well, unless you’re into scrapbooking or are willing to print your photos in the size of Empire State Building, you really don’t need high resolution images. Resized photos are easier to email to friends and family, easier to post on facebook, they’re perfectly sized and sharpened for all of that. It saves you lots of time and effort. Your photographer will be happy to use the high resolution images from your session to create art for your home. That is the point of the session after all, right?

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  1. This is a great post Svetlana. Well said! I don't actually come across these myths from my actual clients very often, but I know I have lost a few prospects because they have these thoughts running around in their heads. But that's OK, most of those people not likely to ever pay a professional anyway.

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